Modular Solar Systems

Ready to go solar? 

Simplify your rout to fossil free electricity

Cost Efficient and Easy to Install

Packed solution in one unit:

  • Solar panels
  • Micro Inverter
  • Controller
  • Battery

Single phase 230 V with possibility to build your own 3-phase 400 V grid


    Our solution consists of few parts for trouble-free installation


    Optimized for small installations and easily scalable 


    You are up and running in no time – no special skills required


    Modular design reduces engineering cost & installation time

    Independent Energy - Controlled by You!

    • On/off grid capabilities
    • Energize your off grid facility with 100% green electricity
    • Back up power when the grid is out
    • Sell your ”over production”

    We Trust the Future

    Climate change is the most severe threat the world ever faced. The long-term consequences are threating the life of billions of people. It is a extremely difficult challenge to manage the situation. To limit the temperature change to below 1.5 or even 2 degrees seems almost impossible. The major responsibility to take decisive action naturally resides with the politicians in the major countries of the world. However, it is equally important that everyone contributes as best as they can. The ambition of Watts 2 You is to offer a possibility for everyone to make an important contribution to fight climate change

    Lars G Josefsson – Founder

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