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Watts2You AB and its founder Lars G Josefsson is working on an innovative development project in the energy supply sector. The company has taken initial steps to build a technology group with competence to develop a product with focus on the private market. The product integrates solar panel, battery, micro-inverter and electronics in one unit. The product optimizes the device's solar cells, battery storage capacity to any existing electricity and power distribution grid according to needs, availability and capacity. The product provides an autonomous possibility of self-supply of electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the integrated build-up, and modular construction the installation cost will be minimized. The product effectively enables the transition to renewable energy and is an important contributor to the stabilization of the grid.

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Håkan Persson – Finance & Logistics

Håkan has a Master of Science from Chalmers and a Master of Business Administration from University of Gothenburg. Håkan has experience in positions as CFO and General Manager at Ericsson and Business Sweden. 

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Helena Anderberg – Managing Director

Helena has a long business experience as a leader and consultant in start-up and growth companies specializing on sales, partnership development and organizational set-up. Helena comes from recent roles as MD in entrepreneurial led companies with focus on enhancing business and people development.


Lars Strömberg – Technical Advisor

Lars has academic and business experience in electricity generation technology, including over 20 years at Vattenfall AB responsible for Research and Development. He is the founder and CEO of Vasa Värme AB.

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Wim Michielsen - Chief Engineer

Wim has a PhD in Technology from KTH in Stockholm and a long experience of product development from e.g. Ericsson and a number of fast-growing companies.

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Dag Jungenfelt – Project Management

Dag has a Master of Science degree from Chalmers in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. During his career he worked in the Space industry, Telecommunications and Life Sciences. He is the founder and owner of Jungenfelt Consulting AB.

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Lars G. Josefsson - CEO & Founder

Lars professional career in technology business brought him to the position of CEO in Vattenfall AB in 2000 which he held the following 10 years. Currently, Lars is serving on the boards of directors in Robert Bosch GmbH, Holmen AB, Brookfield Renewable Partners and Hand-in-hand.

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Job Opportunities

Technical Support


Here is an opportunity to join and run an exciting startup company with the ambition to help transform the global energy sector. If you are a person who likes challenges and is looking for an opportunity to shape a sustainable future with us - welcome to submit your application!




Your responsibility will be to build up the company's technical support function for marketing and customer support.


The role involves developing technical specifications and documentation for the dimensioning of customer facilities depending on needs, application solution and geographical market.


The position requires that you are well acquainted with the state regulations for investment support and subsidies that are offered in various forms over time to both private and corporate customers.


The state's commitment to climate issues is an important factor in establishing investment calculations and opportunities for investment support. This involves building capacity for customer support when applying for investment grants.


Since Watts2You is in a start-up phase, work involves a great deal of responsibility and freedom with flexible working hours. You will work closely with the current management team that has solid expertise in technology and business development, logistics and finance. You will be part of the management team.



We are looking for an entrepreneur with high energy and a keen interest in sustainability, climate and energy.


To succeed in this position, you must be well acquainted with project management and have an understanding of industrial development and design for volume and low-cost manufacturing.


You have a technical education and have a deep understanding of advanced installations in electricity supply. ​




​For further information, please contact Håkan Persson, +46 703 87 55 71.

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SBB initiates unique investment in decreasing CO2-emissions by 75%

Extract from pressrelease 2019-02-01


Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (publ) ("SBB") is investing in a unique project with the aim of reducing energy usage by at least 50%, which together with use of solar energy will decrease CO2 emissions by around 75%. We expect to achieve this with the use of heat pumps and heat recovery from exhaust air and waste water. SBB is currently working in cooperation with the Swedish company Watts2You on developing a solution to enable the operation of heat pumps that produce electricity from solar cells. The electricity produced can also be stored in batteries to meet electricity needs even during the dark hours of the day.

"Sustainability is an integrated part of SBB’s business model. This investment and cooperation with Watts2You in using solar energy modules to achieve a 75% reduction in CO2 emissions is an innovative approach in addressing one of the greatest challenges facing both the businesses and society," says Ilija Batljan, Founder and CEO of SBB.

"SBB and Watts2You are both focused on sustainability and on finding solutions for climate change challenges. The solar energy modules from Watts2You will enable the buildings to be even more green and energy efficient. The project has the potential to significantly contribute to the transition of the Swedish energy system. Watts2You are proud and happy to be part of this effort," says Lars G. Josefsson, Founder and CEO of Watts2You.

About Watts2You AB

Watts2You AB and its founder Lars G Josefsson is developing a new and innovative product for the global residential energy sector. The product integrates solar cells, battery, micro-inverter and electronics in one modular unit. The product provides an autonomous possibility of self-supply of electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to the integrated build-up, and modular construction, the unit and the installation costs will be minimal. The product effectively enables the transition to renewable energy and is an important contributor to the stabilization of the grid.



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111 22 Stockholm


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